About US

As seven parishes in the Evenlode Vale we seek to be a group of

  • Welcoming churches

    Where people matter, because they matter to God and where anyone can belong whether they're sceptics, enquirers or believers.

  • Village churches
    where we can demonstrate God’s love for the communities in which we are set by meeting practical needs and by serving those communities as best we can.

  • Bible believing churches

    where God speaks to us as we open up the Bible, and find in its pages power, purpose and God himself.

  • Anglican churches

    where we stand in the tradition of the Anglican reformers of the 16th Century affirming with them that salvation is by Christ alone, as revealed in Scripture alone, by grace alone, through faith alone, to the glory of God alone.

  • Growing churches

    where God’s transforming grace is taught, enquirers are able to explore faith and believers are equipped to serve.

  • United churches

    where our unity is expressed as our seven parishes meet together for worship at our hub church, the reordered Holy Ascension Oddington, on the first Sunday of the month and where our teaching courses, families and youth work are also based. We also express a unity that goes beyond parish boundaries as we join with the churches of the North Cotswolds Gospel Partnership in organising regular prayer meetings and mission.