Christmas Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It‘s a magical time, Christmas, for many adults as well as for most children.  Everything is fun and feasting (and everyone knows calories don’t count in December).  We can hit pause on the real world and just enjoy the day.  The commercials confirm it – this one from a well- known store in London:

Rejoice, Christmas is coming to Harrods, joyful and triumphant in
a blaze of celestial splendour… brimming full of comfort and joy,
overflowing with grandeur and gifts.

But once the day is over, what then? The problem with Christmas is that January always comes; you slide back into normality and make the annual discovery that the calories did, in fact, count in December.
Imagine if there was a joy that lasted – that endured through January and that wasn’t dented by reality.  That would be worth finding and that is what the people who experienced the first Christmas found. They understood the true meaning of Christmas and found a joy that did not fade. So can we.
We invite everyone to our Christmas Services this year as we seek to grasp not the Harrods’ version of Christmas - but the real one.

Richard Rendall

Fundraising for St Leonard's Church roof in Bledington

We would be most grateful, as you do your Christmas shopping that you go through this portal You will be able to shop from many online shops but by doing it through this gateway, it enables us to receive a donation at no extra cost to you, which will be useful for the restoration of the roof of our church in Bledington. Every penny counts, so we appreciate whatever donations we get from purchases made this way.

Many thanks.

Bledington PCC